Successful Commodity Trading Techniques & High Profit Book Bundle

Successful Commodity Trading Techniques & High Profit Book Bundle

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Realistic strategies and techniques for getting the most out of trading the different commodity markets

Highlights of Successful Commodity Trading Techniques

  • Do Candlestick Signals work well in Commodities?
  • Understanding your data; signals, patterns
  • Chart analysis 
  • Analysis techniques
  • Support/resistance
  • Movings averages unique to commodities
  • Stochastics
  • Trends & Ranges

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High Profit Candlestick Patterns
Turning Investor Sentiment into
By Stephen W. Bigalow

Common sense put into visual graphics,
high profit patterns easily recognized using
candlestick signals




The Major Signals - In-depth details on how and when to use the major candlestick signals effectively. What you learned in "Profitable Candlestick Trading" about the major signals explained in greater detail.

Moving Averages - Utilizing candlestick signals in conjunction with moving averages becomes a powerful trading platform. Learn how to use the information conveyed at these major levels to dramatically improve trading results.

Hight Profits Using Gaps - Candlestick signals followed by Gaps reveal a tremendous amount of information. Utilizing gaps produces very high profit investment situations. Learn the psychology behind candlestick signals and gaps. Big gains become easy to extract from the markets using gaps.

Technical Patterns - Candlestick signals enhance the analytical capabilities of investors when applied to other technical methods. The immense amount of information conveyed in a candlestick formation greatly improves an investor's ability to analyze patterns.

High Profit Patterns - Refine the ability to eliminate bad trade situations and improve the correct trade ratio. Learn to recognize trading patterns.

Options - Insights from Bill Johnson, author of numerous option trading books, providing option trading strategies utilizing candlestick signals.

Profitable Trading Insights - The highly acclaimed Tina Logan, well known for her technical analytical abilities, reveals her insights on combining Western technical analysis with Candlestick signals.

Entry and Exit Strategies - Easy to use format with simple techniques for entering and exiting trades, dramatically reducing the emotional decision making mistakes.

Stop Loss - Candlestick signals provide effective stop loss programs. The commonsense rationale that is built into candlestick signals can be used effectively for cutting your losses short.

Rules - Learn the nuances that make candlestick signals work with the probabilities highly in the investors favor. Simple rules, applied to general investing and candlestick analysis, are revealed.

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