Training Video Combo - 3 CD Pack

Training Video Combo - 3 CD Pack

  • $79.95

This Video Combo gives you three of our newest training videos

The Fry Pan Bottom; The Scoop Pattern; and The Cradle/Belt Hold Pattern

These videos purchased separately cost $104.31 - Buy as a set for only $79.95

The Fry Pan Bottom, the Scoop Pattern, The Cradle pattern and the Belt Hold Signal are trading patterns that foretell the potential of  high-profit trades. Learning these simple easy-to-identify patterns prepares investors for the potential of big profit moves. The application of candlestick signals with these informative patterns produce a high powered profit combination.

The training videos describe how the formations set up, how to quickly evaluate the time to buy, and easy to implement exit strategies. Explosive price movements can be captured with very simple observations. Once you have trained your eyes to recognize what candlestick signals are revealing in the early stages of a pattern formation, stop loss procedures become simple to implement while large profits can be put into your account. Be prepared!!!

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