Options Seminar Package

Options Seminar Package

  • $797.00

Options Training with Stephen Bigalow

2-Day Training Session NOW Available as a Quick-Download

Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home!

Course Program

Bullish Option Strategies:  Allow investors to protect their portfolios while making additional profits

Hitting the Long Ball: Call Option Trades. Simple, straight-forward chronological process to learn to trade with Call Options.

Bearish Option Strategies: 60 minute video illustrates how to easily analyze and apply Bearish Option Strategies.

Profitable Hedging Strategies:  Low Risk Option Trades to use Calls and Puts to Protect your Portfolio

Staggered Spreads: Options Strategy to Leverage small trading account into controlling large stock positions

What produces the lowest possible risk trades? Options strategies based upon Candlestick Analysis! Candlestick analysis has proven to be highly accurate over the past 400 years.

Simple option trading strategies! The Candlestick Forum is providing an online training program to show how to utilize the correct option strategies. This will not be a complicated learning process. In keeping with the teaching methods of candlesticks, you will be taught how to simplify your trading strategies, not make them more complicated.

Obviously, most investors want to learn option trading to make huge profits. This training session will clearly identify what to expect from specific option strategies. You will learn when it is time to apply an option trade and when not to apply an option trade. You will get a a completely different perspective for using options as a profitable tool.

For only $797.00, you will gain insights on how to simplify option strategies. Many investors pay up to $20,000 to try to understand complicated option applications they will never use. Take advantage of the information taught by an investor that started using options over 30 years ago when they were first introduced into the markets. Please take the time to learn how to use option trading correctly. This is a function of knowing how to analyze the underlying trading entity and applying the best option strategy for that price move.

The entire 2-day seminar package is ready to purchase under our quick-download video product and includes the accompanying eBook to printout and follow the screen shots for taking notes.

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The Seminar Package Set includes all of the individual tutorials listed below; 
Introduction to Options
Bullish Options
Bearish Options
Hitting the Long Ball
Profitable Hedging Strategies
Staggered Spreads

All this and much more, as you learn to trade Options from your own home and at your own pace.