Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad

  • $17.95

A new product has been added to the Candlestick Forum educational materials. Now you can view the major candlestick signals on your desk with this 8.5"X11" mouse pad. Just like the poster but in a smaller more portable size.

“Major Signals”

This mouse pad is a must for the serious candlestick investor. This appealing layout of the major signals, the signals that will be important in creating huge profits in your investment career, is illustrated in a clear, illuminating graphic.

Be exposed to the major signals daily. This high-powered format accomplishes a highly efficient exercise for learning and remembering the signals.

You will receive the benefit of having the signals that are going to have great consequences in your investing psychology. Buy this attractive mouse pad now. You’ll wonder how you managed without it. Speed up your learning process viewing the “Major Signals” every day.