High Profit Candlestick Pattern Flash Cards

High Profit Candlestick Pattern Flash Cards

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Do you want to be able to visually identify big-profit moves? Further your education by learning these high profit stock patterns. If you liked our original Flash Card set which taught you to identify individual Candlestick Signals, then you are ready to learn chart patterns with our new 4"X6" "High Profit Candlestick Pattern Flash Cards".

Candlestick signals work effectively on their own.  They work even more effectively when incorporated into high profit trading patterns.  Having the ability to recognize the formation of trading patterns in their early stages allows an investor to create low risk entry strategies while participating in high profit moves.  ‘High Profit Candlestick Pattern’ flash cards are a valuable tool for learning the optimize candlestick signals.

The clear graphics makes learning a high profit patterns an easy process.

Each pattern is fully explained on the backside of the card. The description of how and why the pattern is forming makes understanding the potential of the pattern easy to comprehend.  Having this valuable knowledge at your fingertips allows an investor to extract large profits from the markets.


Cradle Pattern
Dumpling Top
Fry Pan Bottom
Jay-Hook Pattern
Scoop Pattern
Trading Channels
Gap Down Hammer at the Bottom
Gap Up Inverted Hammer
Gap Down After a Doji at the Top
Gap Down Doji at the Bottom
Gap Down Bullish Engulfing
Gap Down Bearish Harami
Gap Down Shooting Star
Gap Down Hanging Man
Tweezer Bottom
Tweezer Top
Multiple Tails to the Downside
Series of Shadows at the Top
Series of Doji at the Top
Series of Doji at the Bottom
Doji End of Flat Trading Range Top
Doji End of Flat Trading Range Bottom
Combination Bullish Signals at the Bottom
Combination Sell Signals at the Top
Double Bullish Engulfing Pattern
Double Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Double Bottom
Double Top
Breakout Through Moving Averages
Moving Averages Act as Price Magnets
Moving Average as Support
Moving Average as Resistance