Candlestick Forum Flash Cards

Candlestick Forum Flash Cards

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Now there is an even faster and easier way to become an expert Japanese Candlestick Trader!

 The Candlestick Forum has developed a set of 4"X6" flash cards that makes candlestick signals easy-to-learn. The clear graphics makes visually identifying profitable reversal signals an easy learning process. Where to the candlestick signals perform efficiently?  Easy, each flash card has a full description of how that signal pattern is being affected by investor sentiment.  Wouldn't you like to be able to visually identify high profit reversals in progress?  This knowledge is now at your fingertips.  No leafing through the books.  A set of these highly educational flash cards next to your trading screen becomes a very valuable educational tool.

These unique Flash Cards will allow you to be "trading like the Pro's" in no time. They are ideal for:

Self-study drills
Practicing with your "Trading Buddies"
Making profitable use of idle minutes during the day
Corporate Gifts
Holiday Gifts

The Flash Card set covers the following individual Candlestick Signals:

The Major Signals

The Doji
Bullish Engulfing
Bearish Engulfing
Hanging Man
Piercing Pattern
Dark Cloud
Harami – Bullish
Harami – Bearish
Morning Star
Evening Star
Shooting Star
Inverted Hammer

Secondary Signals

The Tri Star
Three Black Crows
Three Identical Crows
Two Crows
Upside Gap Two Crows
Meeting Lines
Belt Hold
Unique Three River Bottom
The Breakaway
Three Inside Up & Three Inside Down
Three Stars in the South
Three White Soldiers
Advance Block
Concealing Baby Swallow
Stick Sandwich
Homing Pigeon
Ladder Bottom
Matching Low

Continuation Patterns

Upside Tasuki Gap
Downside Tasuki Gap
On Neck Line
In Neck Line
Rising Three Method
Falling Three Method
Side-By-Side White Line
Separating Lines
Mat Hold
Three-Line Strike
Upside Gap three Method

In fact, their use is only limited by your imagination!